Duplicity (2009): Claire Sends the Secret Formula to Equikrom

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The clip claire sends the secret formula to Equikrom from Duplicity (2009) Where's Dinesh? He's right behi...
The clip claire sends the secret formula to Equikrom from Duplicity (2009) Where's Dinesh? He's right behind you. Dinesh! Dinesh! She's got it. Come on, let's go. She's got it. Got what? She's got the formula. She's on the 24th floor of the B& R building. She can't walk it out. She's gotta send it. All those copiers you hacked, where is the closest one? Just give me one second, Ray! Just give me something close. One second. Twenty-two, 23, I know there's something in there. Guys, come on, we don't have a lot of time here. Human Resources, 22. Twenty-first floor. There's a machine on the 21st floor. I marked it. It's here. Where am I going? Hang on. Just... Just hang on. Where am I sending her? Tell me there's a system here. Give me a second. I'm gonna find it. 21st floor, Human Resources. Get that open, give me the machine number. Are you all right? Yeah. Guys? Not a lot of time here, Ray. Guys, you're gonna blow it. Tell me where to send her! Twenty-one, Ray! Twenty-one. Can you get down to the 21st floor? Just look for red. Anything red. I flagged the hits in red. It's red. It's circled. Just one? There's a couple with more than just one. No, there's just one. That's all I see. It's a number. They're all just numbers. One minute. She needs a room, name, something. Where am I sending her? Look for the numbers I circled. I gotta get the book. What are you doing? MR... No! Hang on! I need the book! She's on the way, guys. We're leaving her hanging here. I'm gonna find it! It's an MR number, right? Yeah, MR-6432. So it'll be in the front. What do you mean in the front? In the book! Look in the book. I am looking in the book, but this thing is a mess! Right here. Hang on. See, right here in the front. First page. Is it gonna work? If it's not gonna work, tell me now. All I see is a list of names! Beside the name. Match the name to the numbers. Is it going to work? Get the phone out of here, Ray! Are you crazy? It'll kill the phone!