Duplicity (2009): Ray is Exposed


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The clip ray is exposed from Duplicity (2009)

Fantastic! Time to celebrate.
You okay?
No. I'm burned.
You burned me. You let him burn me.
What are you talking about? We got it.
I left a trail back there a mile wide. I'm lucky I made it out of the building.
I can't go back to work, I can't go back home. I'm totally burned.
Whoa! Wait a minute.
Don't you dare!
So what do you need, Claire?
What do I need? How about a new identity?
Stow it, Ray!
I'm gonna go underground. I will tell you where you can send my pay and my bonus,
which better be more than I expected because this was a nightmare.
What is your problem?
A copy machine?
He had me running all over that goddamn building
looking for a copy machine.
It worked, didn't it?
Why didn't I just fax it?
Why? Because...
Tell her. We had these machines all over the place.
Who the hell faxes anything anymore?
I am running around thinking, "What the hell does this guy have me doing?"
We had to get it out of there.
There were 50 easier ways to do it!
Did it work or not?
For who? For you?
Was anybody with him when he got the formula?
Has he ever been alone with it?
Could he have possibly made a copy of it?
What the hell are you doing?
I guess that's a no.
You're sick. She's sick.
Look, I know this guy, okay?
I should've told you that before, but I couldn't
because he threatened the entire project.
He knows. He knows the whole thing.
No. He's right, Claire. I do. I mean, I know that you two...
Do you know he was on a CIA observation watch list?
That is total bullshit.
How'd he get on this project, anyway?
We're here for what, a year and a half?
How does he show up three weeks before the payday?
I just brought this home.
What kind of watch list?
You know what? No, forget it.

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