The Tournament (2009): Presenting the Players


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The clip presenting the players from The Tournament (2009)

All right. Venue's stacked.
Visual is coming through. Almost got it.
I'm into the ccTV mainframe.
That is tasty and invisible.
Thank you. Watch and learn.
Thank you.
Rerouted CCTV footage is online.
Confirm complete camera tap.
Rerouted ccTV confirmed
on all grid sections A through to B.
We have coverage of the entire city.
Good. Visuals on the standby?
All available motion detectors and hidden cameras
are active and responsive.
Block coms.
Emergency calls placed on permanent hold cycle.
Please hold while we try to connect you.
Emergency radio frequencies are scrambled.
Lock everything. Prepare to go live.
We're up.
About time. What's our status?
Some of the long hauls are a little late rising,
but the majority are up and about.
And the implants?
The surgery teams completed overnight.
Good. Make sure the cleanup crews are ready.
They're going to have a busy day.
Ladies and gentlemen...
welcome to the Tournament.
It is my honor
to be your host for this legendary event,
being held for the first time here in Great Britain.
With more CCTV than anywhere else on Earth,
we shouldn't miss a thing.
now, as you know,
the stakes in this room are high,
but the stakes for our competitors out there
are the highest possible.
At this very moment,
30 of the world's greatest assassins
are preparing for the ultimate sporting event.
International killers of every imaginable discipline
will compete for a $10 million cash prize
and the honorable title of the "World's Best. "
our lovely ladies are standing by to take your bets.
100K minimum stake.
And here are a few of my personal favorites
you may wish to keep your eye on.

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