U-571 (2000): Discovered by Plane Part 2


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The clip discovered by plane Part 2 from U-571 (2000) with Matthew McConaughey

Rabbit, Trigger, stand by the flak gun.
Sir. Sir.
It's German. Looks like long-range reconnaissance.
What the hell's it doing way out here?
Jesus, here it comes. All right. Sit tight.
As far as he knows, we're all playing on the same team. Everybody wave.
Sir, we're sittin' ducks. If we shoot first, we can blow 'em out of the sky.
We miss, he's gonna radio us in. That plane's gonna be the least of our problems.
This is crazy. You're gonna get us killed.
He's comin' around. He's comin' around!
He's attacking! Rabbit, do something!
Mazzola, shut up. Rabbit, ignore him. Do something!
He's coming straight for us! He's coming right at us! Do something!
Acknowledge me, Seaman Parker. What are you waiting for?
Yeah, Rabbit! Shoot him! Seamen Parker, I'm ordering you!
Do not fire that weapon! Get your finger off that trigger!
Pull the trigger! Pull the trigger!
We're gonna die! Do it! Do it!
Come on! Goddamn it, can't you see him?
What the hell are you doin', huh?
This is not a goddamn democracy!
Mr. Tyler, I see a mast on the horizon!
Shit! That's a Nazi destroyer.
That plane must have been runnin' a recon screen for it.

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