U-571 (2000): Diving with U-571 Part 2


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The clip diving with u-571 Part 2 from U-571 (2000)

Bow planes at zero. Controlling down with the stern planes.
Oh, shit. All ahead full, sir!
Batteries are flat and draining fast!
Mr. Tyler, I hear the S-33 breaking up. Wait.
I hold a submerged U-boat, 0-1-0.
Real close. Less than 1,000 yards.
Goddamn resupply sub. What's our heading? Two-eight-zero, sir!
All right, right full rudder! Steady on 0-1-0!
Aye, sir! Right full rudder. Steady on course 0-1-0.
Tank, starboard back full. Rabbit, get back to me.
Starboard back full. Aye, sir.
Watch your depth. She'll squat.
We got four fish. Tubes are flooded, but I can't open the doors until I'm equalized.
I can't find the valve! Wentz, help Rabbit!
Enemy submarine close aboard. Torpedo in the water. Torpedo in the water!
All right, belay that. Wentz, stay where you are!
Hirsch, hotfoot it to the torpedo room!
Helm, mark your head every ten degrees. Aye, sir.
Now passing 3-2-0.
Turn, baby, turn. Turn!
Equalizing valves. Holy shit! What's what? This is crazy. I can't equalize the tubes!
What do you need?
Equalizing valves! Equalizing valves! Valve?
Gyro? No, drainage. Drainage. No.
Now passing 0-0-0.
Swing, you bastard, swing.
Chief, stand by in case we have to flood forward trim.
Impulse? Differential... Pressure differential? No.
Turn 'em! Yes, turn 'em! Which way?

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