U-571 (2000): Talking with Crew


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The clip talking with crew from U-571 (2000)

Battery's dead. Whatever juice was left we used up when we maneuvered.
What about the diesels?
Starboard's a wreck. We need the dry dock to fix it.
Port side diesel's the good news. Whoever the Krauts had on it...
didn't know a piston head from his sister's titty.
I think I can fix it.
Okay, Tank. Do what you can.
Yes, sir.
All right. Listen up.
We've decided on a course.
We're headin' for England, Land's End.
It's the closest, besides occupied France.
Rabbit, how many torpedoes do we have?
Just one. It's in the stern tube, which is busted, bleedin' air from somewhere.
Yeah, what is it, Trigger?
Can't we just use the radio...
fire off a Mayday and wait for a rescue?
That's impossible.
If we transmit, the Germans will direction-find our position to a grid...
with their missing two U-boats.
If they even suspect we have the Enigma, they will change their entire coding system.
And that would completely negate the purpose of our mission.
Mr. Tyler,
if we head for England,
we're gonna go straight through the western approaches.
He's right. I mean, that's Jerry's backyard. Listen, guys.
It's full of U-boats. And we've got nothing to defend ourselves with.
Do you think I got all the answers here?
Think I know how we're gonna get out of this? I don't. I don't know how.
I say we use the radio.
Nobody asked you.
We use the radio and take our chances.
I said can it.
It's what the captain would have done...
Captain's dead.

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