U-571 (2000): Submarine Crew Partying in Club


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The clip submarine crew partying in club from U-571 (2000) with Rebecca Tilney, Matthew McConaughey

There he is. Hey, Andy! Where you been? It's an all-hands function.
Come here. I want you to meet Joanie. Joanie, this is Andy Tyler.
Hello. My best friend. We went to Annapolis together.
Nice to meet you. Hey, I got you one of Larson's stogies.
To our navy's next sub skipper. Thank you.
Lieutenant! Gonna hoist up a few beers with the enlisted boys later?
You got it, Griggs. All right.
Mr. Tyler! Mr. Tyler! Hmm?
My mom is here visiting. Can I bring her over to meet you?
Sure thing, Trigger. That's the lieutenant I was talking about.
Lieutenant Tyler!
Hello there, Prudence, Louise. Mrs. Dahlgren, Captain.
Where's your date, Andy? It's not like you to arrive stag.
I'm afraid I couldn't get one on such short notice, ma'am.
Captain, could I have a word with you?
Certainly. Darling, will you excuse us? Okay.
Be right back.

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