U-571 (2000): Fixing Torpedo While Surfacing


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The clip fixing torpedo while surfacing from U-571 (2000)

Coming up on 9-0 meters.
Sir, she's started her engines again.
No go, Mr. Tyler. He can't reach.
Trigger, in one minute we're gonna hit the surface. Do you understand me?
Now you've got to go back in there and try.
I wouldn't ask you if our lives didn't depend on it.
Sorry, sir. I can't reach it. No, no, Trigger.
Now listen to me.
You can reach it, and you will.
Now you are gonna close that valve.
Sir, I can't! You're the only chance we've got.
Now you're gonna go back down in that bilge,
and you're gonna do your job, sailor.
Report to me the instant that torpedo's ready to fire. Yes, sir.
Thirty meters.
Talk to me, Wentz. Destroyer is under way.
Steady bearing. They're closing our position.
Shit! Come on, Trigger!
Twenty meters.
Hold on. We're gonna surface.
Raising scope.
Got her.
She's heading right for us.

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