Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980): Exploding


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The clip exploding from Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980) with Tommy Chong

Oh, foxy mama.
Oh, man, you're sick.
What are you talkin' about?
Who you lookin' at?
Aw, not that. Aaah. No, man, that chick over there.
Check out how fine she is. Hey, baby.
Hey, baby. Come on. Don't be stuck-up.
Come on. I'll clear off a place for you to sit down.
Uh-oh, man, be cool.
What's the matter? I got company.
Don't turn around. Just look straight ahead.
Oh, man. Hey, you got a light, man?
Huh? Yeah. Light?
Hey, I don't think you better light it in here, man. Why?
All these gas fumes. Oh, man.
I don't know.
Stop, stop!
Hey, what are you trying to do, kill us, man?
What a flash, huh? Oh, God, I told you not to light that thing.
Well, you're the one that cut it, man. Oh, God!
Come on. Let's get out of here before the cops come, man. Christ, look at us.

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