Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980): Driving and Smoking Weed


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The clip driving and smoking weed from Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980)

Hey, come on. Slow down, man.
Hey, Holmes, lay back.
You're supposed to be a low rider, man. We're supposed to be cruisin'.
Sit back and cruise, ese.
You're driving like an idiot, man.
Oh, I just can't get used to this automatic, man.
Yeah, well, they are complicated, aren't they? Yeah.
Remember: "D" is that way. That way?
Hey, relax, Holmes.
Relax? Yeah.
Yeah, I better relax.
Oh, shit, I'm gonna be late for work again.
That's the fifth time I've been late this week. It's only Tuesday, man.
Why don't you quit that lame job?
Hey, man, I wish I could, man.
If I quit, the whole place would fall apart without me. I'm needed there, man.
Responsibility is a heavy responsibility, man.
Hey, I got it. Why don't you get a job, man?
Hey, I'm serious, man.
I had a job for over six weeks now, man.
Hey, listen, man. I already got a job. Yeah?
What's your job, man? Rollin' dope?
Yeah. At least it's steady work, man.
Something you're good at, man.
Hey, I'm serious, man. You're supposed to be sellin' that dope, not smokin'it.
We haven't even paid for it yet.
I'm sellin' it. Yeah, you're sellin'it.
Hey, listen, I sold two lids last night. How's that?
Oh, yeah? All right, Holmes.
Who'd you sell 'em to?
Oh, man, shit.
Man, we're gonna starve to death, man.
No, not with me, man. I'm a good customer.
Oh, man. God, dog.
I did, man. L-I got a thing. You know what I'm gonna do?
What? I figure it this way.

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