Wedding Crashers (2005): Hava Nagila


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The clip hava nagila from Wedding Crashers (2005) with Vince Vaughn, Tanaya Nicole

# Hava nagila #
# Hava nagila #
# Hava nagila, ba ba ba! #
Oh my.
You sly son of a bitch.
# Nagila, hava nagila ve'nismecha #
# Hava nagila, hava... #
Does anyone know what this here is used for?
No, not not for... where'd you learn that?
You want to get a whole combination.
You gotta get the frostings in the middle and on the other end.
That's it, that's it, that's it, that's it! Come on!
You both look beautiful up there today, particularly Debbie in that white dress. Enjoy it. After tomorrow,
I don't think you're gonna be able to get away with wearing a white dress.
Here, I'll just pick this off,
I'll go grab another piece. That's it.
In the words of the old country...
Come here!
I want you to take this note, bring it to that blonde girl.
Hurry, 'cause I'm gonna time you. Go!
Who gave this to you?
You know, I saw you at the wedding.

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