Wedding Crashers (2005): John is Depressed


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The clip john is depressed from Wedding Crashers (2005) with Bradley Cooper, Owen Wilson

# I'm awake #
# You're still sleeping #
# The sun will rise #
# Like yesterday #
# Everything #
# That we are now #
# Is everything #
# We can't let go #
# It's gone forever... #
This is John.
Hey, John, it's Jeremy.
Uh, just calling to see what you're up to, uh would love to hear back from you, man.
Play sharp.
And we'll do the wedding in peaches and apricots.
Even though it's a June wedding, should the weather turn nasty, warm colors will really help you.
# Don't you go away tomorrow... #
Johnny, open up, man.
Does anyone ever feel like they're just disappearing?
I feel so much like giving up.
Get it?!
Put your hands out like this.
Hi. Thanks for coming.
Get off her, man! What are you doing?
You're supposed to move your hands.
You're not getting enough attention?
Love doesn't exist!
That's what I'm trying to tell you guys.
And I'm not picking on love,
'cause I don't think friendship exists either.

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