Milk (2008): Foundation of Gay Activist Center


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The clip foundation of gay activist center from Milk (2008) with Sean Penn

But people started hanging around our store.
Not customers. Activists, kids, young people who were looking for a home away from home.
There was Danny Nicoletta, cute art student that I picked up at Toad Hall, who worked in the shop.
Harvey, come on. Opera is so pass?.
You're not understanding the spectacle of it, the bigger than life emotions.
The bigger than life emotions?
Jim Rivaldo, a great mind.
Harvard graduate, which nobody cared about in those days in the Castro.
Including himself.
And somewhere along the line, Jim picked up a prot?g?, a cute political kid from Wisconsin, Dick Pabich.
And of course, there was Dennis Peron, who ran a very successful business with the young kids.
And it wasn't only the gays who noticed what was happening.
Also the straight people.
There were some very unexpected ones.
Teamster leader Allan Baird walked right into my shop and asked me if I could get my people to help boycott Coors beer.
And the Coors beer boycott had not been too successful.
But I got my people to get all the Coors beer out of all the gay bars, and immediately Coors fell from number one and they caved.
A week later, the Teamsters union, for the very first time, hired openly gay drivers.
We weren't just a bunch of pansies anymore.
We had had our first taste of power.
And it was about that time that someone first called me the Mayor of Castro Street, or I may have invented the term myself.

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