Milk (2008): A New Campaign Manager


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Bring out the old, bring in the new.
This is over. Done.
I don't want to see one more thing that says fucking Assembly on it.
'Cause this three time faggot loser is running for supervisor.
There she is. Who the heck is that?
That's our new campaign manager.
She called last week to volunteer and I asked for her help.
Help or take over? What about Scott?
We need new blood.
Gentlemen, Anne Kronenberg. A woman.
A woman who likes women. And that's odd, isn't it?
Hi, guys.
Mr. Milk, Rick Stokes isn't pulling out.
He's officially filed to run against you.
My friend at The Advocate says David Goodstein is backing him.
So, a gay candidate against a gay candidate.
That's unfortunate.
Let's find out when they are going to announce.
So you replaced Scott with a lesbian?
Anne worked on a recycling campaign up north.
She's very, very organized. We need that.
How do you know she's not a plant for Rick Stokes?
Are you guys always this paranoid?
Yes. We take after Harvey.
Don't you have someone's laundry to do?
Shouldn't you be at a hairdressing convention?
Sir, my girlfriends say you guys don't like women.
I'm just asking.
Is there a place for us in all this or are you all scared of girls?
Okay, gentlemen, we've already got a tinker bell, a lotus blossom.
We've got Jim and Dick in their three-piece suits.
We need someone to manage things. A woman this time.
Plus, she's the right price, and she's got bigger balls than anybody else in here.

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