Milk (2008): Hitting on Scott


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The clip Hitting on Scott from Milk (2008) with Sean Penn, James Franco. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Hey. Hey.
I'm Harvey.
Okay, Harvey.
Today's my birthday.
No, hey, actually it is my birthday. At midnight.
And, believe it or not, I don't have any plans.
Some people took me out after work.
Hmm. And that would be at, let me guess, Ma Bell or AT&T.
The Great American Insurance Company.
I'm part of that corporate establishment that, let me guess, you think is the cause of all the evil in the world, from Vietnam to diaper rash.
You left out bad breath.
Just kidding.
You're not gonna let me spend my birthday all by myself, are you?
Listen, Harvey, you're pretty cute, but I don't date guys over 40.
Well, then, this is my lucky night.
Why is that?
I'm still 39.
It's only 11:15.
Come on.
What's your name?
I'm Scott.
Very nice to meet you, Mr. Harvey, insurance man.

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