Milk (2008): Threat Note


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The clip threat note from Milk (2008) with James Franco, Sean Penn

"Harvey Milk will have a dream journey
"and nightmare to hell, a night of horror.
"You will be stabbed and have your genitals, cock, balls and prick cut off. ' '
I'm calling the police.
They probably wrote it. Look, think of it this way.
If they try to kill me, I'll get the sympathy vote.
That might be just the push we need.
You think this is funny? Look at it.
It's a total joke.
I mean, it's got no rhythm, no humor. It's insulting.
Don't do that.
No, if you put it away, you put it in a drawer, it just gets bigger and scarier.
Here, it's right here. We see it every day. It can't get us.
Gonna spend all this energy to make yourself a target?
For something you're not gonna even win?
I keep telling you, it's not just about winning.

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