Milk (2008): White's Change of Heart


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The clip White's change of heart from Milk (2008) with Sean Penn, Victor Garber

Well, now it starts all over again, because this morning, former Supervisor Dan White says he wants to be called supervisor one more time.
He gets dragged into this closed door meeting at Police Association.
Suddenly he wants his job back.
I mean, who knows what they might have said to him in there.
Or what they may have promised him.
Or worse yet, if they had threatened him.
A man has the right to change his mind. Give me some peace.
Dan White has been the vote on the board that has stood in our way.
The vote. I get it, Harvey.
I've been lobbied all week. Enough.
Let me remind you of something, you're up for re-election.
If you reappoint Dan White, you will lose the gay vote. They listen to me.
You will not be elected dog catcher.
I'll make my decision on Monday.
You know who you sounded like just now?
Boss Tweed or Mayor Daly.
I like that.
A homosexual with power.
That's scary.

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