Milk (2008): Vote on Proposition 6 Part 2


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The clip vote on proposition 6 Part 2 from Milk (2008) with Alison Pill, Sean Penn

Harvey, Don Amador from LA.
Not a good time, Don.
No, sir, this is Paul. Don just gave me the phone.
Paul who?
You spoke to me on the phone a year or so ago.
I'm in a wheelchair. I'm from Minnesota.
I thought you were a goner, Paul.
When I saw that you won the supervisor seat,
I got a friend to put me on a bus to LA.
Who do you know in Los Angeles?
That's the...
I just didn't want to die anymore.
I met your friend Don down here.
I turned 18 and I voted today against Prop 6.
I don't think I'd be alive right now if it weren't for you.
No, you did that all by yourself, Paul.
Don wanted me to congratulate you on what he says looks like a big win for us tonight. Congratulations, Mr. Milk.
Yeah, I know, it's incredible.
All the precincts have reported we've won 65% in LA County.
It's huge, Harvey.
I got to go, Don.
We just took LA County by 65%. Put it up! Put it up!
Okay, okay.
What, Jim? Jim, what? Okay, okay!
The polls were way off. Briggs is going down by 2 to 1.
The only place it's going to pass in San Francisco is Dan White's district.
Somebody, cover up Lady Liberty!
The cameras are on the way here.

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