Milk (2008): Vote on Proposition 6


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The clip vote on proposition 6 from Milk (2008) with Sean Penn, Alison Pill

There was no choice.
I had to keep on... Keep on fighting.
Most California political leaders, from Governor Jerry Brown to former Governor Ronald Reagan, say there are already enough laws on the books to protect children.
If you allow one, just one human being to be allowed to have his rights taken away from him, as a human being then, pal, you don't have any right when they come to take away your rights!
You do what you want in the privacy of your own home.
But don't tell me I got to accept it in mine.
San Bernadino is coming in. Not good.
Of course not. How not good?
60% for Briggs. Same in Fresno.
Oh, dear God, Lotus Blossom.
Imperial is 69% for so far.
Put it on the board.
I love homosexuals, if you can believe that.
I love them enough to tell them the truth.
I think that if it were passed, it would be just what some people would need to conduct a very severe witch hunt.
What I ask, everybody to vote against Proposition 6.
The whole world is watching. This is San Francisco we're losing. You ready?
I can have 15,000 people here in an hour, but there's gonna be riots if this thing passes.
There goddamn well better be.
What are you telling me?
I can't say this because I'm a public official, but if this thing passes, fight the hell back.
It was fundamentalist Christians who helped Briggs gather most of the signatures to put Proposition 6 on today's ballot.
The Christian community had never been involved in any political controversial issue.
And they're not only involved, but they're committed.
They've not only been working very hard, but they're going to come out and vote today.
"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. "
And I would like to know how you, Senator Briggs, believe that Proposition 6 will help children learn how to accept people who are different from themselves.

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