Gothika (2003): Legal Advice


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The clip Legal advice from Gothika (2003)

Hi, Teddy.
How are they treating you?
Like I'm crazy, Teddy.
They think I did it, but I didn't do it.
All right. Thank you.
I didn't do it, Teddy.
Have a seat.
Let's not...
Let's not talk about what you did or didn't do, all right?
What's important is what I can do for you now.
Now, the DA is pushing for a hearing as early as next week.
Next week? We haven't even had time to investigate.
We can't have a hearing next week.
As your attorney, I gotta tell you the evidence is overwhelming.
You've been placed at the scene. The sheriff saw you driving home.
The neighbors heard the screams.
They've got the murder weapon with your prints on it.
Your prints are on the floor, walls, everything.
Yeah, but what's my motive? I don't have a motive, Teddy.
Why would I do that? Maybe one of his ex-patients came.
Has anybody checked the files? Has anybody escaped?
That person would have a motive. I was there, and I would scream.
Maybe I went into shock.
The only shot we have is to plead temporary insanity.
And I don't even know if that's gonna work. You're a brilliant psychiatrist.
That will make jurors think "If she wanted to kill somebody...
...she could probably fake insanity and get away with it."
I'm not crazy.
That's the point.
No, the point is...
...I'm the only one around here that believes I didn't kill my husband!
Do you think I'm crazy?
That's all right. Forget it.
Forget it.

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