The Sea (2002): Thordur Refuses to Sign


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The clip thordur refuses to sign from The Sea (2002)

Sign the document.
Are you so stupid you think
I'll sign some document
in the middle of the night?
You're more stupid than I thought.
I thought you'd see reason.
Hand in your keys in the morning and clear out your office.
Otherwise, that forged mortgage on this house
goes straight to the police.
You can't do this to me after all these years...
Losing your nerve again...
I've worked for this company since I was 10.
If you don't sign,
you'll be declared non compos mentis.
You won't be able to manage your own affairs.
The three of us decided to have you certified as mad.
After all, you went crazy years ago.
You should have sold that shit a long time ago!
But you'll carry on until some minister abolishes the quota.
You'll be left with nothing to sell!
Do you understand or do you refuse to understand?
You'll oppose us till you die?
Sign, you senile fool!
You can't oppress everyone anymore.
Take this! Will you take this?!
What do you know about me?

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