The Sea (2002): Talking with the Bank


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The clip talking with the bank from The Sea (2002)

Can I have the car keys?
What are you tarted up for?
I'm picking up Agust.
The bus isn't good enough?
Come on, give me the keys.
There's no need to dress like a slut.
I've made myself pretty for Agust.
Open the garage door before you back out.
Thanks for giving me the dirty jobs.
What's new?
Not a lot.
She's put up the collateral for you?
Yes. Can we settle everything now?
The documents must be stamped. It can take some time.
I need that money.
I know you do.
I'm doing something for the village.
We'll try to move it along.
This stays between us, okay?
Kristin's doing us a favor. It's nothing to do with Thordur.
I understand.
Will you reopen my account, then?
As soon as I can.

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