The River Wild (1994): Talking About the Gauntlet


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The clip talking about the gauntlet from The River Wild (1994)

The biggest one's the Gauntlet.
That's a five-plus.
That's off the scale.
When do we do that one?
Well, we don't do that one.
That's after the take-out at Bridal Creek.
You can't go down there.
Have you ever done it?
Mom is saying it's too dangerous.
For you, maybe.
Roarke. Honey, I went down the Gauntlet...
when I was 18 years old with two other guides...
experienced guides.
And we were just lucky.
But there were two other people that summer who did not get so lucky.
One guy got killed, and the other one is paralyzed for life.
Don't worry. We're gonna hit some threes and some four-pluses...
and we will risk death a number of times on this trip.
So you're gonna scream, you're gonna be so happy.
Hey, look, Mom, there's Wade!
Hello, the shore!
Hello, the boat!
Is everybody okay?
Yeah, I just got a cramp!
We're trying to work it out.
Hey, who's your friend, Gail?
Oh, this is Tom, uh, Roarke's father.
Oh, no. You didn't tell him about us, did you?
Hey, Roarke! Don't tell those fish we're comin'!
All right, let's bring a little line in, okay?

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