The River Wild (1994): Taking Wade's Picture


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The clip taking wade's picture from The River Wild (1994)

Damn, Terry. Looks like we lose our deposit.
All right!
Now that I'm head of the family, here's what we're gonna do!
We're gonna haul ass down this river. No more fishing. No more sightseeing.
And unfortunately, no more skinny dipping.
By the way, Gail...
You're gonna get another chance to run the Gauntlet.
We're not stopping at Bridle Creek.
That's right. Come on, let's get this shit up the hill and outta sight!
Were you takin' pictures of me?
Give me that camera.
You know, it's really dangerous to be tied into the raft like this.
If we flip, we'll just be dragged under and drowned.
It would be dangerous for me if you were to flip us on purpose. I could drown.
This just levels the playing field.

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