The River Wild (1994): Talking About Tom's Work


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The clip talking about tom's work from The River Wild (1994)

He's down.
Well, had a big day.
It's kind of warm.
That's the way I like it.
Did you finish your sketches yet?
No. No, I didn't.
And it's not a sketch, Gail.
You know, it's very important.
Very important, I know.
So, tomorrow...
Could you just pretend to like it here a little bit?
For Roarke's sake, if not for mine.
I don't do too bad at pretending to like your stuff, so...
Is that what you do? Pretend to like my stuff?
No. You know, that's not what I mean.
You don't have to.
And just don't. And don't do me any favors, either.
I don't.
I won't.
Listen, don't you ever realize...
Let's just stop, okay?
You never... Oh, please!

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