The River Wild (1994): Teaching Wade to Fish


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The clip teaching wade to fish from The River Wild (1994)

Just turn it around. Get it straight up and down.
Pull out some.
All right.
Point that thumb where you want the fly to go.
Ten and two and release.
At the top of the news:
The car believed to have been used in the robbery of the livestock auction...
at the Flathead County Fairgrounds Sunday was found abandoned...
on a back road near the Canadian border...
in the robbery that netted nearly a quarter of a million dollars.
A security guard was killed.
What? What'd I do?
My dad's been telling my mother for 30 years...
that they're going to rob this cattle auction.
And finally somebody did it.
Cattle auction?
He's gonna be very happy. Yeah, on the radio.
They just...
You guys known each other a long time?
Me and Wade go way back.
We just met Frank in Tulsa.
L... I thought Frank was married to your sister.
Oh, yeah. She lives in Tulsa.
So what do you do when you're not trying to drown yourself on a river?
I'm a skier, ski bum.
Oh, yeah?
What about you? What do you do?
I teach history for a school for the deaf.
Tom is an architect.
I could tell you were a teacher.
Little bossy?
No, no.
Ladies sure do like Wade.
Let's try again.
Ten, two, ten, two.
Yeah, sure do.
You keep trying to bring your left hand up.

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