The River Wild (1994): Entering the Gauntlet


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The clip entering the gauntlet from The River Wild (1994)

We can do this, Wade. We can do it.
You just... hold together.
Paddle together. All right?
Yeah. Yeah.
Keep breathing. Don't fall out.
I need you both in the boat to make it down this thing.
Roarke? You okay? Hold on tight.
You love your mommy? Good boy.
Feel like goin' to Boston? Me too. Vacation's over.
What's that?
What's that noise?
This is where the first two rivers come together.
Straighten me out... now.
Straighten it out. We got the froth straight ahead. We're gonna go left.
We're gonna hit that rock!
Get up, Terry!
Turn it!
What do we do?
All right. Back! Back paddle!
Left! Left! Bring it around or we're gonna hit!
Left! Hard! Terry!
Look out, Mom!
Hold your paddle!
Put your weight on it!
Keep paddling! All forward! Let's go!

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