The Bone Collector (1999): Amelia Comes Back Part 2


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The clip amelia comes back Part 2 from The Bone Collector (1999)

Is that why you came over here?
You really are a piece of work.
Well, aren't we a pair.
I think you're terrific.
You got a hell of an arrest record too.
High marks from all your bosses. Definite gold shield potential.
Why do you want to throw it all away to chase youth offenders?
I don't feel I have any need to explain that to you.
Come on, Amelia, cop to cop.
Cop to cop, let's just leave it at personal reasons.
Doesn't have anything to do with your father, does it?
Man, you just keep charging at walls, don't you?
Stubbornness is something we both share.
You know, they say, genetically speaking,
that we come into this world with a preordained destiny.
I don't believe it, though. For example, my parents.
Neither of them had more than an eighth grade education,
never read more than one book between them, not one.

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