The Bone Collector (1999): Amelia Bring the Evidence


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The clip amelia bring the evidence from The Bone Collector (1999)

that has prompted NYPD brass to launch a taskforce...
to track the killer.
This morning's raid follows leads found in one of the earlier murder sites.
Hey! Hey.
I was hoping you'd show up.
He's been worried about you.
...Lincoln Rhyme. Yeah, sure.
Viewers will know Rhyme from his book, Scene of the Crime,
a chronicle of old New York's most grisly murders... Hey.
I didn't expect to see you again.
Poor Cheney, huh?
Grabbed the ball with both hands and scored one for the other team.
I can't comment at this time... Yeah.
I tried to warn him that the perp was too smart to leave a print.
How you doin' with that stuff?
Not too good.
Two pieces of the puzzle, but I don't know what it means.
Maybe this'll help.
Cheney will have your badge for that.
He wouldn't give me a chain of custody voucher, so what could I do?
You could bring it back to him.
The man is a living monument to ineptitude.
True. Let's take a look.
What do you got there?
Ah! Third piece of the puzzle.
There's something really strange about it.
You gotta smell it.
Are you... Oh, shoot.
It's okay. Take your time.
You have to put it closer to my nose.
What do you think it is?

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