The Bone Collector (1999): Murder by Steam


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The clip murder by steam from The Bone Collector (1999)

We just hit the financial district.
There's a steam junction... with big asbestos-coated pipes.
That's where our victim's gonna be. I'd bet my legs on it.
She's gonna be at Wall and Nassau.
Wall and Nassau. Has E.S.U. been notified?
They're on their way. They'll probably get there before you.
E.S.U. says that steam is released through that junction every day at 4:00 p. m.
Shit, what's this asshole up to?
I don't know, but it's gonna happen in about ten minutes and thirty seconds.
All right, Linc, we're here. We're going down there.
Yeah, I'm here.
It's their job to try and save Mrs. Rubin's life. It's your job to get ready and...
work the crime scene, if necessary.
There's some things you're gonna need. Look in the back of the truck,
and you'll see an aluminium suitcase and a radio headset.
See it? Yeah, I see them.
There must be a way in.
What's the problem here? Fuckin' valves freeze up easy.
Come on, guys. Shut it off.
You there? I'm here.
I'm inside the pipe.
I hear something! I hear something!
What is that? Someone's in there! I can hear her crying.
Everyone, quiet now! Shut all the valves down.

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