The Bone Collector (1999): Telling Rhyme About the Murder


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The clip telling Rhyme about the murder from The Bone Collector (1999)

Knight to H-6. Check.
You got company. Cops. Tell them I'm busy.
They said it was urgent. Tell them I'm out running.
She's too polite for that, Linc.
Hey! Look who's here.
I, uh... I caught a serious situation, Linc.
Yeah, well, that's going around, Paulie.
Chief Murphy sent me.
Ah. Good chief.
Have you heard about that couple at the airport...
got in a taxi yesterday morning?
Never made it home? He don't watch the news anymore.
You used to read four papers a day, tape all the news shows.
Now I just hit the rewind button. A-3.
Things never change, Paulie.
Yeah, well, that was Alan Rubin and his wife in that taxi.
Found him dead, buried, shot in the face.
Hand sticking out of the ground with his wife's wedding band...
shoved on one of his fingers which was skinned to the bone.
She's still missing.
Excuse me while you guys catch up, okay?
Don't go too far, Thelma. We'll be letting these nice gentlemen out in 30 seconds.
Sounds like you got yourself an open-and-shut there, Paulie.
I don't think so.
A man worth several hundred million dollars...
found dead with his wife's wedding band on his mutilated hand.
What's that tell you?
The doer is saying he's got her.
He's probably contacting the family right now, making a ransom demand.
I'd have been paged if he had. Check your batteries.
It's definitely a ransom.
Excuse me. Mr. Rhyme, Kenneth Solomon.
I've read all your books. Scene of the Crime...
at least a dozen times.
It's great to actually meet you.
Where do you find these guys, Paulie?
They wanna work with the best.
I guess now you're gonna ask me to...
discuss the crime scene with you, huh?
As a matter of fact, we've got a bunch of physical evidence that doesn't make sense.

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