The Bone Collector (1999): Amelia Meets Rhyme


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The clip amelia meets Rhyme from The Bone Collector (1999)

Hey. Come on in. They're right in there.
And you're saying a patrol cop took these pictures?
Yeah, first one on the scene. It started to rain. Smart cop.
Not only that, but had the balls to stop an Amtrak from running over the crime scene.
Here she is now. Officer "Donahoe. "
Meet Lincoln Rhyme. Donaghy.
Took some terrific photographs, Officer.
You know who I am? I read your manual at the academy.
What'd you think of it? I'm not a book critic, sir.
But you found it useful.
Yeah, I guess so. "Guess so. " Sure you did.
I mean, you stopped that train. Photos you took.
I'd say you have a natural instinct for forensics.
So what do we got, Paulie?
We have footprints, size ten, thanks to Officer Donaghy...
using a dollar bill to establish scale.
We have asbestos on a track bed where there shouldn't be any.
An iron bolt holding down a, uh, piece of paper.
A book page with 119 written on it.
Decaying oxidation on the bolt's head but not on the thread,
which says to me that someone removed it from somewhere else...
and placed it there recently.
Wouldn't you agree, Officer? Wouldn't you agree, Officer Donaghy?
Paulie, I'm convinced that this crime scene was staged.
Perp's trying to tell us something. What the fuck are you saying?
Book page 119. 11, 9. That's today's date.
Newspaper, 4:00 p. m. What time you got? 12:15.
She's alive, Paulie.
And he's gonna kill her at 4.00. P.M.
We have your interest yet, Officer?
I want you to work the case with us.
Uh, it's not my area.
Are you being modest or are you...
a little uneasy about doing some real police work?

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