The Bone Collector (1999): Richard Attacks Rhyme


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The clip richard attacks rhyme from The Bone Collector (1999) with Leland Orser

I think it's time to set the record straight, Mr. Rhyme.
You remember Syracuse, don't you?
You wrote an expert opinion.
I've written thousands of opinions, Richard.
Don't fucking tell me you don't remember Syracuse.
They called it an investigation. It was a witch-hunt.
There was a forensics cop up in Syracuse, New York...
Marcus Andrews.
Okay, yeah, that was the cop that was...
suspected of tampering with evidence in some homicide cases, right?
Nothing was tampered with.
Six innocent people went to jail; one hung himself.
No, no, no. They went to jail because they were guilty, they were scum.
He doctored the serology reports.
No, nothing was doctored. He planted blood evidence at the crime scenes.
My work was impeccable.
Where we going with this...
Your report destroyed my life.
You know my report was not a legal finding.
You never gave me the opportunity to defend myself.
I never even met you.
I was sent to prison for six years.
I spent two more years trying to get to you.
Do you know what happens to a cop in jail?
Every day, every single day,
over and over, I was brutalized.
I became a human toilet, because of your expert opinion.
Well, you will never point the finger of blame at anyone ever again.
You were never as good as they said you were. I played you.
I tested you. I gave you every clue.
You and your little helper couldn't save those people.
Their blood is on your hands. You failed.
You failed, you fuck.
Game of chess, Mr. Rhyme. Some people win, some people lose.
I win, Mr. Rhyme. I win, you lose.
What kind of vegetable would you like to be, Mr. Rhyme? A carrot?

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