The Bone Collector (1999): Looking for the Clues


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The clip looking for the clues from The Bone Collector (1999)

See what you can find around the fuel tanks. All right.
Lincoln, I found it.
It�s a map of some kind,
some chunk of a clean bone and a piece of a metal or a badge.
There are some initials engraved. It looks like a...
a "P" and a "B," or a...
It�s a "D." It's definitely a "D."
D. It sounds like a cop's badge.
You think he's gonna kill a cop?
Could be.
Thelma. Maps?
Tell me about the map.
Looks like an old subway map.
I don't recognize any of the stations.
When I was scanning those asbestos sites, I came across...
a lot of stations that aren't in use anymore.
Okay, there it is, the oldest station.
On your map, is there an old station indicated at the tip of Manhattan?
Navy Street.
It's right next to the pier.
Oh, shit. Cheney's here.
You talking to Rhyme on that thing? Give me the radio!

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