Meet the Fockers (2004): Roz Finds out About Pam's Pregnancy


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The clip Roz finds out about Pam's pregnancy from Meet the Fockers (2004) with Barbra Streisand, Ben Stiller

Hi, baby. Hey.
So, how far along is Pam? Hmm?
Come on, honey, I knew it the minute I saw her.
Her boobs are bigger. She's hormonal.
No wine at dinner, no football.
She just found out yesterday.
My bubeleh's going to have a baby!
My bubeleh's going to be a father!
Oh, my God.
Tell me, talk to me, so this is so exciting.
No. You didn't tell Dad, did you?
No, not yet. He's gonna plotz.
No, no, Mom, you can't tell him.
Why not? Because he can't keep a secret.
You know that.
You think Jack knows?
Are you kidding? That guy's in such denial,
he still thinks his daughter is still a virgin.
Yeah, I know, he's very old-fashioned.
That's why Pam can't tell him till after the wedding.
That is ridiculous. Mom, it isn't, believe me.
You don't know him like I do. Fine.
My lips are sealed.
I am so excited and thrilled for you.
So happy for you two!
Did you plan this?
Uh, no, it just sort of happened.
How did it happen?
It just happened. You know... you know how it happens.
I mean, I'm not going into the details.
Honey, I love details.
Sorry. All right. Okay.
Well, you know, honey,
many unplanned pregnancies happen
because the man is such a sexual dynamo
and the woman craves his sperm
on an unconscious but very powerful level.
Hmm-mmm. Mom, I am truly not comfortable
having this conversation with you.
No? No.
I've been saying it since I was 11.
All right.
Love you. Love you, too.

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