Meet the Fockers (2004): Gaylord Asks His Parents to Tone It Down Part 2


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The clip gaylord asks his parents to tone it down Part 2 from Meet the Fockers (2004) with Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman

Just make Jack feel a little more comfortable here, okay?
So you don't want us to be ourselves?
No, I just don't want you to break his RV, Dad,
and... and... and reveal that I had sex with Isabel
and play weird sex games that everybody can hear in the house.
Mom... Mom, please.
If you ask me, it wouldn't be so bad
if your future in-laws heard this.
Do me a favor.
Just don't therapize the Byrneses this weekend at all, okay?
All I'm saying is,
a few minutes of concentrated work
with him and Dina,
she could get him to blow like Krakatoa.
Right, okay, yeah, you know what?
One day, just give me one day, okay,
without any complications.
We get through it, everybody goes off,
we go on with our lives. Can we do that?
All right. You got it, dude.
Thank you, okay.
Hon, put the hat back on the door, okay?
No mom. No cowboy hat this weekend.
Okay, but tonight doesn't count.
All aboard.

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