Meet the Fockers (2004): Delivering Baby


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The clip delivering baby from Meet the Fockers (2004) with Ben Stiller

You must do something! Baby is coming!
Yeah. I know baby is coming!
Miss, you've to stay calm and take deep breaths, okay?
Myra, I need a doctor here right now.
I am working on it.
You're not a doctor?
No, I am a nurse.
You are man and you are nurse?
What kind of man is nurse?
Look, folks, I'm a professional, okay?
I know exactly what I'm doing, so just trust me,
everything's going to be fine, all right?
Okay. Yeah.
Yeah. You're fully dilated.
Hey, I need that doctor right now.
There are no free doctors.
Nurse, you're gonna have to deliver that baby yourself.
I can see the head!
Holy shit!
Check it out.
We did it.
We had a boy.
A boy. You are my hero.
I name baby for you.
Oh! You don't have to do that.
Yeah. I must. It is Latvian tradition.
We'll name the baby...

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