Meet the Fockers (2004): Getting Jack Back


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The clip getting Jack back from Meet the Fockers (2004) with Barbra Streisand, Ben Stiller

Is it ringing?
There's no answer.
Well, let's give him some space.
Maybe he's learning to self-soothe.
Roz. What?
This is crazy. I'm going.
I'm coming with you, Son.
No, Dad, I can do it myself.
We gotta make up time. I know these roads
like the back of my hand.
Come on, let's put this family back together.
Dad, I know a shortcut.
It will lead us to the freeway.
I think you make a right up here or a left.
It's either one or the other.
You don't know where we are, do you?
You know, something's wrong here.
This makes no sense at all.
Dad, it's a map of Detroit.
Oh, well, that explains it.
Punch it, Gay.
We gotta catch that dude.
Oh, shit.

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