Meet the Fockers (2004): Standing Up to Jack Part 2


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The clip standing up to Jack Part 2 from Meet the Fockers (2004) with Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller

Bring it, dog. Come on. Bring it. Come on.
He's taunting me.
Greg! Greg!
What, Bernie, you're gonna snap now?
Now look what you did.
It's your fault.
He's bleeding. He's bleeding, Daddy.
That's it. Pam, Dina,
I'm calling a family conference.
Come on.
No, Dad, this is the family.
All right? In a few weeks, I'm not gonna be Pam Byrnes.
I'm gonna be Pamela Focker.
Or Byrnes-Focker.
We haven't totally decided yet.
No, no, no, I'm gonna be Pamela Martha Focker.
I know how that sounds,
but... but that's the name I'm taking.
Pamcake, you're upset. I'm not so sure
you're thinking clearly right now.
I'm trying, Dad.
It's you who is not thinking clearly.
These two kids love each other. Look.
We've been kvelling about this pregnancy all weekend.
You knew she was pregnant?
We all did, Jack.
Daddy, I was gonna tell you after the wedding, I swear.
This is the reason I created the circle of trust
so we could discuss these things.
The circle isn't gonna work
if you don't trust anyone that's in it, Dad.
Jack, don't.
No, Dad. Daddy.
Daddy, please. Daddy, where are you going?
Jack. Come on.
Daddy, come back, please.
This is nicht gut.

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