The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003): The Hewitts


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The clip The Hewitts from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) with David Dorfman, Marietta Marich

Give her some room.
Maybe she'd like to stay for supper.
Messed up everything already.
Stop bothering her.
Grandma! Let me in now!
You best stay out there with them dogs
till you learn how to play by the rules.
You're not going nowhere, honey.
Please. Please just let me go.
I know your kind...
nothing but cruelty and ridicule for my boy,
all the time he was growing up.
Does anybody care about me and my boy?
Don't hurt her! Please, grandma.
You shut up out there!
Help me! Please! Make them stop!
Looky, mama. She likes me.
What's wrong with you fucking people?
Nothing wrong with us.
Help me, please!
Thomas brown Hewitt,
you get in here right now!
No! No!
Get her out of my sight.
No! Please! No!
Will you cut out that racket?
Here's your pants.
Thank you.

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