Fanboys (2008): Pimp Vs. Trekkies


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The clip pimp vs. trekkies from Fanboys (2008)

Go, go, go!
Balloons?. You thought that was gonna stop 'em?.
Grab the princess.
Come on, Zoe!
Get off me. I'm not speaking toyou.
Seriously. We gotta go now!
Why are we running?. What did you do?.
They're everywhere! They're everywhere!
You're going the wrong way!
That's him! He's the one who destroyed Khan.
You called Han Solo a bitch, man!
Han Solo is a bitch.
No one calls...
Han Solo a bitch!
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Why are we running?
Go! Come on!
What is going on?.
You stop this van, you little sons of bitches! I'm gonna kill you!
This is not copacetic. You stop!
Zoe, hit him with the pressed ham!
Nailed it.
Linus? Jesus!
Where'd he go?.
Did he fall out?.
Chewie. I call Chewie.

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