Fanboys (2008): the Hospital


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The clip the hospital from Fanboys (2008)

Dr. Richardson to Trauma 2. Dr. Richardson, Trauma 2.
Your friend's awake.
Uh, cool. Can we see him?.
But first we need to have a little talk.
Linus tells me that you're on some sort of a road trip.
Uh, yeah, up to San Francisco.
Well, not anymore, fellas.
The only place he's going is back to Ohio.
We can't do that. -Just what's so important in San Francisco?.
Uh, he-
Star Wars.
Star Wars?
Look, he is very, verysick and he needs to go home.
Guys, we can't
we can't do this now. We can't give up now.
Not when we're so close.
Linus, it'sjust a movie.
Yeah, maybe it is. Maybe it is. You know what?.
To most people, Star Wars is just a movie, right?.
Not to us!
We just spoke to the doctor.
Screw that doctor! Screw
Screw all those people!
Did-Did they ever get their
their heads stuck in a bucket trying to be Darth Vader?.
I mean, I don't think so. No.
Did they ever singe their eyebrows trying to make a lightsaber?
No way. Did they name their right hand Leia?.
Who knows? Yes, they could have.
But you know who did?.
Yes, you did. So did I. So did you.
We all did.
You guys are freaking sick. You know that?.
This is our Death Star, man.
And I don't know about you, guys, but I'm not running away from this one.
Me neither.
Screw it. I named both my hands Leia.
What the hell areyou doing?. Do you know who this is?.
It's that way.
Jailbreak! Jailbreak!

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