Fanboys (2008): Get Arrested


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The clip get arrested from Fanboys (2008) with Kristen Bell

I probably shouldn't have called that cop a fag.
I think he took it the wrong way.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Ham and cheese.
Well, look on the bright side, you guys. This trip can't get any worse.
It just did, boys.
I got to drop a sewer pickle.
Yeah, I got to throw her into reverse.
Bottler, give me your sandwich, bro.
Hook me up. Another one.
What's the sandwich for?.
I don't know.
I'm not gonna sit on this.
Oh, Hutch! -Jesus.
It's crawling with criminal ass germs.
Just hover, man.
Okay, listen up, pre-pubes.
You got a visitor- Sweet can of corn.
What are you doing with that ham sandwich, boy?. It's not right what you're doing.
Hutch, you owe me a sock.
I had to wipe with something.
You pussies owe me, big time.
Oh, Zoe, thank God.
We weren't sure if you'd gotten our message.
If by message you mean Windows shrieking into my answering machine like a little girl...
then yes, message received.
You don't know what we've been through.
Hutch just took a dump in front of us.
Yeah. That's life inside the big house.
Zoe, promise me you brought the money.
I cleared out every cent Windows had in the comic store.
You what?.
Oh! Don't even speak.
I took two taxis, an airplane and an all-night bus ride...
next to an old man that I am pretty sure had a full diaper.
Hey, hey, okay. Okay, visiting time's over.
The judge wants to see y'all in his private chambers.
Oh, yeah. Just one more thing.
Whatever you do, do not make fun of his name.

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