Fanboys (2008): Bit Up


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The clip bit up from Fanboys (2008) with Ethan Suplee

It's a carriage house.
It's a garage, man.
Say it again.
It's a garage.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Holding my schlong!
Okay! Okay.
Harry Knowles.
Harry who?
This man is the ultimate fanboy, Eric.
His Web site "Ain't it Cool News" is like every geek's homepage.
Which one of you's Windows?.
I'm Windows.
Nice to meet you-
Back off!.
Oh, God!
Harry Knowles is kicking Windows's ass.
Now, you listen to me, perv.
Ifyou ever e-mail my niece again, I will huntyou down like a T-1 000.
Okay, Mr. Knowles, he didn't know
You will release my friends.
We wanted to break into the Skywalker Ranch. Kimmy said she'd give us the floor plans.
We were gonna break in and steal Episode I, that's it.
That is the stupidest thing I've heard since Schumacher put nips on Batman.
These aren't the droids you're looking for, man.
Anybody else have any stupid comments?.
It's very stupid, but true. We've been planning this since we were like six.
Listen. Harry, Harry, Harry.
Ifyou help us out, we'll give you all the exclusive spoilers and all.
That's an interesting offer. Episode Vwas directed bywho?.
Irvin Kershner.
That was just a warm-up.
You. In Episode VI when Leia shoots down two scout troopers...
why doesn't she take one of the speeder bikes instead of walking?.
If you pay attention closely, the speeder bikes were destroyed.
And then Luke refers to it later on in the dialogue.
Impressive. I wasn't really worried about you though.
What was Luke Skywalker's call sign during the rebel assault in Episode IV?
Red 5.
You are all onlyas strong as your weakest link.
Hello, weakest link.

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