Fanboys (2008): Halloween Party


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The clip Halloween party from Fanboys (2008) with Jay Baruchel, Chris Marquette

Ah! Ah! Ah!
Hey, uh, have any of you guys seen the phone jack?.
Uh, no, but I have seen the social retard...
who brought his Toughbook to a party.
I promised Rogue Leader I'd write her back tonight.
Oh, God.
She is my girlfriend.
On-line girlfriend.
I met herin aJedi chat room. The woman is perfect.
She's intelligent and acerbic and, uh- and a die-hard fan.
She's even got connections inside the Lucas camp.
Who's also got a man package anda goatee.
You guys are all just jealous because she describes herself...
as a cross between Sarah Michelle Gellar...
and Janeane Garofalo.
Tell 'em how you described yourself.
I was perfectly honest with her.
You said you looked like a white Billy Dee Williams.
You called yourself white chocolate.
I am white chocolate.
Oh, oh! Windows, it's my turn.
Give it to me.
Midnight. Another day down.
Ah! Okay.
Official Episode I countdown...
is six months, 12 days, eight hours and some change.
I would sell my soul to see that movie right here right now.
Dude, I wouldsell myleft nut. And I onlyhave the one nut.
So you see how serious I am?.
I cannot listen to this shit for another six months.
Oh, shush your mouth, woman. You know, we could see the movie.
Oh, please, not this again.
Oh, yes, please, this again.
""Tell us about the rabbits, George. George."
We drive across the country in one night.
We break into the Skywalker Ranch...

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