The Jerk (1979): Searching for Marie


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The clip searching for Marie from The Jerk (1979)

This is not going to be easy, Shithead.
We've been together a long time.
But l've got to head down that road.
There'll be times out there when there won't be enough food for two.
And l won't be able to--
Wait a minute.
I'm not done yet.
Come back, l'm not finished.
I have some more to tell ya.
You'll find a family who can give you a real home...
...with loving kids and a warm fireplace.
I never liked you, anyway.
Now get out of here!.
Okay, okay!. You win!. You can go with me.
"And so, Mom, with my faithful dog leading the way...
"...l'm out to win the hand ofMarie.
"You'd love her, Mom. She looksjust like you, except she's white and blonde.
"So, to win her back, l've vowed to make something of myself.
"l settled in Los Angeles, took the money l saved and rented my fiirst apartment.
"l haven't heard from Marie.
"Things couldn't be worse. I can only send you 49 cents this week..."
-Bless his heart. -That's a good boy.
" l've lost all my jobs.
"l've been eating well. The hospital gives out free orange juice and cookies...
"...and all l have to do is give them a pint of blood.
"l ate there all week, three times a day."
Pint of blood?
"l quit when l cut myself shaving and nothing came out but air.
"l have to go now as someone is staring at me through binoculars.
"Your loving son, Navin."

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