The Jerk (1979): Marie's Whereabouts


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The clip Marie's whereabouts from The Jerk (1979)

"Dear Harry, guess what?
"l'm rich beyond my wildest dreams.
"But l haven't forgotten our deal. Here's that postcard l promised you.
"l bet you thought you'd never get it.
"Your friend forever, Navin."
How do you like that?
He promised me a postcard, and he sent me a postcard.
Kid has integrity.
Shithead, come on.
Hello? Yes?
Who? Mrs. Kimball?
You're Marie's mom!.
You read about me in the paper?
I've been trying to reach her, l don't know where she is.
I'd give anything to find out.
Well, that sounds a little high.
How about $75?
Okay, what is it?
The May Company in Los Angeles.
Shithead!. I know where she is!. I know where she is!.

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