The Jerk (1979): Opti-Grab


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The clip Opti-Grab from The Jerk (1979)

"...2655 at the Century Plaza Tower...
" Los Angeles.
"l have something ofgreat importance to impart to you."
Navin!. Remember me?
-No, but don't feel bad. -Fox.
Stan Fox!.
Remember the gas station?
Boy, you are one hard guy to find!.
You don't remember me.
The glasses handle!. Look!.
-My glasses handle. -Use the Opti-Grab.
-"Opti-Grab"? -Yeah, we call it Opti-Grab.
-Opti-Grab. -"Opti," from the eye...
...and "grab," from where you grab it!.
Opti-grabbing it!.
Navin, my boy, we're in business!.
Fifty-fifty, just like we said.
Right in here l have your first check...
...for two hundred and fifty big ones.
That's just the beginning. There's gonna be more. Lots more!.
Can l cash this?
You can do whatever you like. It's your money. It's a cashier's check.
I can use money!.

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