The Jerk (1979): Snails on Her Plate


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The clip snails on her plate from The Jerk (1979) with Steve Martin

How could you know that was "lron Balls" McGinty?
Escargot. Salad.
Would Monsieur care for another bottle of the Ch?teau Latour.
Yes, but no more 1966.
Let's splurge. Bring us some fresh wine.
The freshest you've got.
This year's. No more of this old stuff.
Oui, Monsieur.
He doesn't realize he's dealing with sophisticated people here.
Marie, just stay calm.
Don't look down.
Don't look down. Look up. Keep your eyes up and keep 'em that way.
There are snails on her plate.
Now get them out of here before she sees them!.
Look away!. Keep your eyes that way!.
You'd think at a fancy restaurant like this you'd be able to keep the snails... the food!.
There are so many snails in there you can't see the food.
Remove them!. Bring me the cheese sandwich appetizers you talked me out of.
Oui, Monsieur.
Can you believe this?
First they didn't have umbrellas for the wine, now snails on the food.
Two boobs. That's what he takes us for.

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