The Jerk (1979): Train Abduction


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The clip Train abduction from The Jerk (1979)

End of the line.
This is Engineer Fred. Come back and visit me again.
Have you seen a 5-year-old boy, blond hair, wearing a T-shirt that says "bullshit" on it?
No, there was just one kid had a T-shirt that said "life sucks" on it.
We got off the Round-Up, and he said he wanted to go on the train.
There he is!. Billy!.
-Come back here!. -Get off the train.
Pull that lever!. Pull the lever!.
Here, hold that!. And these!.
Take my keys. And hold my wallet. Okay.
Don't touch the Johnson bar, you'll explode the fuel casing!.
And if the Wolfe and Smith indicator gets above 160...
-...turn that off there. -I can't take you here anymore.
There's a screwdriver. Put it in, turn it one quarter.
Listen, we're going into a tunnel.
Don't stand up. The clearance is only 4 foot--
-No. -I'm okay.
I was protected by the bill of my Engineer Fred cap.
Thanks for pulling my cap down.

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